Our Committees

Sidney Bronte
Sidney BronteHospitality
This Could Be You :)
This Could Be You 🙂Holiday Party
This position is currently open.
Cherry Gregory
Cherry GregoryMeeting Room Set-Up
George Peterson
George PetersonMembership
Juliet Grable
Juliet GrableNewsletter (The Chat)
Wendy Gere
Wendy GerePublicity
Carol Mockridge
Carol MockridgeWebmaster
Jon Deason
Jon DeasonHospitality
Nate Trammel
Nate TrammelField Trips
Frank Lospalluto
Frank LospallutoField Notes
Wendy Gere
Wendy GereFacebook
Sooney Viani
Sooney VianiEducation
Lynn Kellogg
Lynn KelloggEducation
Juliet Grable
Juliet GrableConservation
Pepper Trail
Pepper TrailConservation
Nala Cardillo
Nala CardilloCommunity Outreach
Carol Mockridge
Carol MockridgeChristmas Count (Ashland)
Bob Hunter
Bob HunterChristmas Count (Medford)
Katy Reed
Katy ReedChapter Meeting Programs
Sooney Viani
Sooney VianiBook Sales
Katy Reed
Katy ReedBirdathon
Position Available
Judd & Gaylene Hurley
Judd & Gaylene HurleyAnnual Picnic