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Recent Sightings


The Little Stint first seen at the Kirtland ponds May 11 will be species number 340 on the Jackson County list when the record is
officially accepted.  This is the 7th Little Stint recorded in the state of Oregon.  It's a Eurasian species that is "exceptional in winter
and spring" in the Pacific states and provinces according to Rare Birds of North America (Howell, et al).    
Here are comparison
photos of a Western
Sandpiper (left) and the
Little Stint at Kirtland (right)

Note the longer, slightly
downcurved bill on the

And the markings on the
upper breast of the
Western are sharper, more
clearly-defined than those
on the Stint.

Photo of Western was taken
at Kirtland in May, 2013 by
Peter Thiemann.   
Here are photos of the Little
Stint seen at the Kirtland
ponds beginning May 11,
2016.  All photos of the Stint
were taken by Gary Shaffer.