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          Semipalmated Sandpiper

                                                          SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPER

One of the tougher identification problems facing even experienced birders during migration is
locating the occasional Semipalmated Sandpiper among the dozens of Least and Western
Sandpipers found at local shorebird haunts.  Here are f
our photos that show this species that is listed
as irregular in the Jackson County checklist.  Most conspicuous field marks that separa
Semipalmated from Western Sandpipers is the short, stubby bill and the supercilium ("eyebrow")
that is--although sometimes faint--more defined than in the Western.  Thanks to Frank Lospalluto and
Russ Namitz who provided these photos.
             Photo by Frank Lospalluto, taken recently at Emigrant Lake
Photos by Russ Namitz were taken at Agate Lake (above left) and the Kirtland ponds (below).

Photo above right is from Emigrant Lake (2012) and taken by Frank Lospalluto.