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         Great-tailed Grackle
Great-tailedGrackles were reported for the first time in the history of the Medford Christmas
Bird Count this year when EIGHT of the unmistakable (and very conspicuous) members
of the Blackbird family were spotted in Area H by the group that included leader Tom Phillips
and George and Sally Peterson.  The photos below were taken by George.  The birds were
in the vicinity of the Rogue River Ranch property at the base of Lower Table Rock.           
            Eurasian Wigeon
  Each winter, among the many hundreds of American Wigeon that come to the   
 Rogue Valley, there are always a few Eurasian Wigeon.  One of the most reliable
 locations for finding this visitor is the large pond in the golf course at the Southern
 Oregon Rehabilitation Center of the Veterans' Administration (known locally as the
 VA Domiciliary) in White City.  This handsome male was photographed there by
 Larry Wright.