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Nothing wholly admirable ever happens in this country except the
migration of birds.
Brooks Atkinson, Once Around the Sun
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Something to ponder: "The last word of ignorance is the man who says of an animal or plant: 'What good
If the biota, in the course of aeons, has built something we like, but do not understand, then who but a
fool would discard seemingly useless parts? To keep every cog and wheel is the first precaution of
intelligent tinkering."
Aldo Leopold, The Sand County Almanac
2012 Birdathon will be May 5th.    
From now on Birdathon will be the last Saturday in April or the first
Saturday in May.  

2011 Birdathon Birdlist

The results are in!  In the high-stakes competitive category, the
winners for the second year in a row are the Great Grays, headed by
Bob Hunter.  Pepper Trail’s Falcons are a close second, with the
Binosaurs, under the leadership of Jim Livaudais in third place.

Here is the number of species observed by each of the teams that
had representatives at the post-Birdathon count at Bruno’s Pizza in
Medford.  The name in parentheses is that of the team leader.

Great Grays (Bob Hunter): 143
Falcons (Pepper Trail): 141
Binosaurs (Jim Livaudais): 134
Old World Warblers (Maggi Rackley): 100
Valley Chicks (Lynda Stevenson): 90
Joe Shelton & Eric Thowless: 52

Total number of different species seen was 174.

For comparison, the 2010 winners, the Great Grays, observed 132
species.  The number of  distinct species observed by them and the
Falcons, who were the only teams in the field, was 150.  

Based on the above results, here are the winners in the various team

Competitive Birdathon Day count: Great Grays
All-ladies team: Old World Warblers
Two-person team: Old World Warblers