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Spotted Owls and Fire

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The page linked below is an excellent summary of a whole range of studies showing that forest fire is a net benefit to Spotted Owls, refuting the common timber industry (and agency) argument that logging is necessary to "fireproof" Spotted Owl habitat.

Coos Bay Shorebird Survey November 25.

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The Pacific Flyway Shorebird Survey is coming up in Coos Bay on Sunday November 25th, 2018! Help count shorebirds if shorebirds count to you! We are searching for citizen scientists to help us survey in Coos Bay. The Pacific Flyway Shorebird Survey is part of the Migratory Shorebird Project, a multinational monitoring program led by [...]

November 2018 Conservation Column

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The Conservation Column By Juliet Grable The annual Oregon Audubon Council (OAC) Conservation Meeting was a great success. Twenty-one members from chapters around the state attended the meeting, which was hosted at the Green Springs Inn on the weekend of October 12-14. During the day-long Saturday meeting we reviewed the 2018 Conservation Priorities, identifying are-as [...]

Auction Items for 2018 Holiday Party

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Here’s a first look at several items that will be available for sale at the Dec. 1 Holiday Potluck. Come and enjoy an evening of food, festivity and friends, as we raise money to fund our education and conservation goals. See calendar event for all details.

November Chapter Meeting: Woodpeckers of the World

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What you will see tonight is 68 species of woodpeckers that we have selected out of the 215 species that exist in the world. Many species of woodpeckers breed in North America. We will show you all of those. We will then take you Central America and on to Africa. After that we will show [...]

Birds and Beers Inaugural

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The inaugural Birds and Beers on September 26 brought twenty people together, many of whom had never met before, for a night of good beer and lively conversation.  The highlight was a Speed Dating game where everyone moved about the room meeting one another and answering different questions such as, "If you could be a [...]

October 2018 Conservation Column

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The Conservation Column By Pepper Trail For this Conservation Column, here is an update on the 2018 conservation actions and priorities of the Oregon Audubon chapters, compiled by Joe Liebezeit of Portland Audubon. On October 13-14, Rogue Valley Audubon will host the annual conservation meeting of the Oregon Audubon Council (OAC) at the Green Springs [...]

New Birdathon trophy awarded for 2018

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Gretchen Hunter accepts the new Birdathon Perpetual Trophy from Boardmember Jon Deason during the September chapter meeting. Her team, the Great Greys, collected $1,625. The No Playback Woodpeckers led by Kristi Mergenthaler came in second with $1,134. The total raised for 2018 was $3,890.17. This award will be passed on each year to the Birdathon [...]

October Chapter Meeting: Swifting in the Valley: The Great Update

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Join wildlife biologist Karen Hussey at the October chapter meeting for a glimpse into the amazing life of the Vaux’s Swift. Discover what makes swifts unique, what mysteries remain, and what swifts have to do with hopscotch at Hedrick Middle School. Learn how a grant from RVAS has uncovered unexpected twists and turns and how [...]

RVAS sponsors Vaux’s Happening at local school

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RVAS recently funded a project created by Karen Hussey of the Southern Oregon Land Conservancy to work with Hedrick Middle School students to learn about the Vaux's Swifts roosting in their school's chimney. The community carnival to welcome over 3,000 migrating Vaux's Swifts on Sept. 11 was a huge success. View local TV coverage here.   


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