Treasurer’s Report

Submitted by Sue Polich: 2015-2016 Financial Summary

The total income of $15,206 came from the following sources:

Sale of the Birds of Jackson County $227
Chat advertising $350
Local dues $2200
National Audubon dues $1870
Birdathon $3000
Donations $2872
Holiday Event $4062
Great Gray Owl donations $625

Total expenses of $13,276 were the following:

Administrative expenses $2008
Chapter meeting expenses $652
Printing and mailing the Chat $1782
Printing Hot Spots Brochure $177
Feeder Watch (birdseed) $618
Membership letters $83
Conference attendance $216
Fundraising expenses $75
Expenses that support the RVAS mission $7460
Great Gray Owl expenses $205

RVAS Mission Support

“RVAS mission support” includes support of the KBO Mountain Bird Festival; chapter membership in the Oregon Conservation Network; donations to WaterWatch and the Southern Oregon Land Conservancy; scholarships for educators at the Siskiyou Field Institute; purchase of Purple Martin nesting houses; and several activities that support education in the schools through Coyote Trails, Fall in the Field (SOU), North Mountain Park, and Birding in the Schools.