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Our Committees

Lynn McDonald
Lynn McDonald Holiday Party
George Peterson
George PetersonMembership
Juliet Grable
Juliet GrableNewsletter (The Chat)
Jon Deason
Jon Deason Hospitality
Wendy Gere
Wendy GerePublicity
Tom Pratum
Tom PratumWebmaster
Nate Trimblel
Nate TrimblelField Trips
Jeff Tufts
Jeff Tufts Field Notes
Wendy Gere
Wendy GereFacebook
Erin Ulrich
Erin UlrichEducation
Juliet Grable
Juliet GrableConservation
Pepper Trail
Pepper TrailConservation
Laura Fleming
Laura Fleming Community Outreach and Tabling
Carol Mockridge and Emmalisa Whalley
Carol Mockridge and Emmalisa WhalleyChristmas Count (Ashland)
Bob Hunter
Bob HunterChristmas Count (Medford)
Katy Reed
Katy ReedChapter Meeting Programs
Gretchen Hunter
Gretchen Hunter Birdathon
Linda Kreisman
Linda KreismanArchivist
Wendy Gere
Wendy Gere Annual Picnic
Linda Kreisman
Linda KreismanVolunteers


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